Thursday, August 21, 2008

So here's some more older stuff. This time a bunch of random shots from The Granny & the Grizzly, my MFA thesis project from a few years ago.
Some are definitely better than others, but here you go.

It's Filler Time!

So, here comes the portion in every young blog's life when it gets the leftovers... the stuff no longer in the portfolio, but still coddled by the artist in a somewhat nice environment. These are, in short, the older pieces moving to the new retirement village. And the staff at this village will have their hands full, because I got a lot of this stuff coming.
This first batch is a bit of VisDev stuff done for a project of several years ago, based on Erik Larson's excellent novel
The Devil in the White City.
They're mainly digital photo collage with a bit o' painting mixed in.
More in a bit!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

All right, all right...

After much trial & tribulation, we put up a new version of my portfolio website different from the design below. Although I was pleased with the look of the TV image, it just didn't allow enough space for the actual artwork being displayed.
Oh well.
The art shown is from "The Granny & the Grizzly", my MFA project from a while back.
Be sure to check out the new goodies:

Aside from that, work continues well, new posts are on the way, and I wish anyone who might actually be stopping in here well!