Friday, November 15, 2013

CTN Expo 2013...

It's incredibly late notice on my part, but I'll be at the CTN Expo tomorrow (Saturday, 11/16/13) at the Disney booth from 12-2pm, checking out portfolios, shmoozing, and being generally awed by the talent that rolls through there each year.

If you're around, come check us out.

And bring a raincoat or an umbrella. It always seems to rain during this thing.

Last of the Tales of Metropolis...

Cartoon Network finally posted the last of the Tales of Metropolis shorts from their DC Nation block. I had a lot of fun doing the backgrounds on these. Many thanks to Will Patrick and everybody else involved.

Watch the final short HERE.

I also assembled all the BGs from the Lois/Batman short in a postmortem "Color Script".  I made an earlier version that could more accurately be called a color script, but I figured the finished versions would be more fun to look at. Apologies for the long thumbnail format...

Whole Mess of Mickey...

Hello, strangers. Got a pipin' fresh load of Mickey BGs for ya here. Hope you like them.

And I also forgot to post that we won the Emmy for Outstanding Short Format Animated Program a few months back! Pretty cool stuff.

Here's the little Cartoon Brew blurb.

While I'm at it, here's a link to the actual Mickey Mouse Shorts themselves.

(All images in these Mickey posts are ©Disney.)

Thanks for stopping in!

"'O Sole Minnie"

"Dog Show"

"Ghoul Friend"

                                               (Early concept piece.)

"Bad Ear Day"

                          (This last one is from a scene that was cut where
                        Minnie is waiting at the theatre entrance for Mickey.)