Sunday, November 8, 2015

New portfolio site and blog!!!

After some work, I now have a new portfolio site and blog up and running.

The portfolio address is still the same:

The blog is now part of the portfolio site as well:

All new work will be posted there, but I'll likely leave this old blog up and running... because I'm lazy. ;)

Best to all!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

More Mickey Examples...

Several more Mickey shorts have aired, so I thought I'd post some more stuff. (All images in this post are © Disney.)

I've included some character silhouettes to show more thought process. Often helps fill out the composition properly.

Hope all are well!

"Bottle Shocked"

"A Flower for Minnie"

(Stephen DeStefano designed the parade characters here.)

"Bronco Busted"


Friday, May 8, 2015

Nature Lover...

So my daughter was assigned a "When I Grow Up" poster project for her kindergarten class. After some brainstorming we decided it'd be fun to do a "Nature Filmmaker" poster thanks, in part, to our recent watching of the BBC Planet Earth series from a few years back.
We did a little hunting online, a quick photo shoot in the backyard, some Photoshop magic, and here ya go. They're by no means perfect, as we only had a couple evenings to do the whole thing, but it was pretty fun.
Hope you like. (Blacked out her shirt because you guys don't need to know where my kid goes to school!)

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mo' Mickey Mo' Mickey Mo' Mickey...

Here are some more examples of my work from the latest Mickey episodes to air. Hope you like them.

On a sidenote, we just had a really strong showing at the latest Annie Awards. Big congrats to all of our nominees and winners!

Here's a LINK to find the shows online.

Now some draw-rings...

 "Mickey Monkey"

"The Boiler Room"

"Space Walkies"

"Mumbai Madness"

"Goofy's First Love"


"Doggone Biscuits"