Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mickey Mouse Shorts...

Since the Mickey Shorts I've been working on for ages have finally started to air, I can show off some examples of the mountains of work we've been making! This is just a tiny bit of the vast amount of work done for every short, but you can get an idea of what was involved. These are posted in order of production, and are all copyrighted by Disney.

"Croissant de Triomphe"

"No Service"


It's very exciting to see all the great responses to these shorts. We've certainly been busting our butts on each and every one of them, and the final product (I hope) reflects all the passion and effort. I'll be posting more as the new episodes premiere, so keep checking back for more.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Science Sid Work I Did...

The final product was about what I expected given the time and budget constraints, but this was still a pretty fun project to work on. Here are a few examples of the ton of work done on the Sid the Science Kid Movie...

It's amazing how two years' worth of distance from this project show how much I would do differently now. Just goes to show that if you're not constantly learning and evolving as an artist, you're stagnating.

I was credited as a Character Designer on this project, which I found a little weird, given all the Vis Dev and location design done, but what can ya do? Hopefully all the little would-be scientists out there got a kick out of it.

Tales of Metropolis...

I was recently asked by the talented Will Patrick (with whom I did the Animal Man work previously listed) and the folks over at WB to do another round of backgrounds for the DC Nation shorts. This time the subject was the home of the big guy in blue, to coincide with the "Man of Steel" release this month.
The first of three has aired, so I thought I'd post just a few of the dozens of backgrounds created for this fun little project.

Once a legitimate link to the shorts is put online, I'll post it here.